Having spent a little more time researching, ie idly roaming the internet for, the available outlets for short stories, I have discovered a few more with higher word count limits. This may have turned into something of an obsession but the short stories I enjoyed, and still enjoy reading are generally longer than the 1,500 average that seems to be the norm now. It’s like the difference between scoffing a bag of crisps on the run and having a perfectly cooked omelette in a great café or small restaurant. Neither is the same as the full multi course dinner that is a novel, but the one will give you that sensation of perfect small meal while the other is definitely a snack to tide you over. Not that I dislike flash fiction (or crisps unfortunately),  but it doesn’t give the same satisfaction as a well crafted short story.

So outlets.

Mostly prize competitions which seems odd. The magazine outlets seem to be drying up very quickly.

I am talking about paid publication obviously. There are tons of opportunities on the web to self publish for nothing but I still think you generally get what you pay for and if you pay nothing…

I didn’t used to pay much attention to prizes, especially the smaller ones – pretty much for the same reasons Iain Banks said he didn’t much rate them – I hadn’t won any. Having been shortlisted for one last year however I see the point more now!

So my latest effort at a short story will probably be going forward for one soon. If I can address this in the same way I did the play last year I shall be happy. That is, to forget about it until the results come out. Time to be bitter and twisted then, not before.

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