Hi! I’m Guy Farrish. This is my writing blog. For my blog posts click ‘Blog’ in the menu above.


If you want to know what else I’ve done apart from writing, have a look at ‘About’.

If you’re still here I thought I’d explain what you can find in these pages.

On the blog pages you’ll find my witty, biting, insightful comments and thoughts about writing, publishing and the state of the world (ie ramblings). In the various other pages you’ll find shorter pieces of my work: excerpts from works in progress, very short stories, sketches and links to published stuff.

I’ve been thinking about publishing a blog of, and about, my writing for years. As you can probably tell I filled that time with little or no practical planning. So it remains a work in progress in design terms which may or may not change depending how clever I’m feeling at any one time.

So have a look around, let me know if you like something. If you particularly hate something you can let me know too, but please try and explain why in a way that I can understand. ‘It’s &*%$’ may make you feel better but won’t help me develop beyond wanting to write ‘&*%$’ right back at you! But I won’t!

If you’d like to comment there are ‘speech bubbles’ on the header of each post on the blog page where you can click to take you to a comment box

Hope you find something to enjoy and thanks for reading.