I’ve always been a writer. On the side I’ve been a Husband, Father, Something in Government Service (nearly quarter of a century), Bookshop Owner, Chair of Governors, Exam Invigilator, Data Processor, Furniture Remover, Historical Researcher, Rugby Player, Computer Software Company Office Manager, Trainee Solicitor and Student. Somehow picked up an MA (Hist), LLB(Hons) and a Diploma in European Humanities along the way.

As a writer, as a person, I’m eclectic (a nice word for unfocused?) which means I will dip into genres but I’m not wedded to any particular one. I’ve written, and am writing, novels, sketches, plays, screenplays, short stories and novellas about any and all subjects. I have also written non-fiction (some of my government work veered towards that occasionally!) articles on history, wargaming and politics. Note there is no poetry there. I’m married to a published poet and I’ve read her work and I’ve read the stuff I’ve written. So while I have written poetry there is no way (for the foreseeable future at any rate) that it will be seeing the light of day. I may think I’m God’s gift but I know his and my limits.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. What is great about your writing is that it sounds like you ! well of course it would but it sounds genuine ( a sort of civil servant ? ) and comes across really well, honest open etc…no guile no artsy stuff , no ” each line is torn from the fibre of my being ” I am green with envy no I am just very impressed .

    • Hi Steve!
      Good to hear from you. You must have a lot of time on your hands to trawl these dark labyrinths of the internet!
      Re Hair-I had less than you to start with too, curses.
      Hope you and the family are in good health.

  2. Hello Guy,

    Pat here. Hope you and yours are doing well. Had sent you a query about whether y’all were free anytime soon. Was thinking of coming down to Wales. but if you have plans, can certainly work around them.

    Glad you are doing something more crashingly boring than my own ravings on Arthur. Am also glad just now I am in the UK. Feel a little like an émigré during the French Revolution, with La Foule baying for the blood of the Aristos.

    Whatever, take care, and the very best,

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