Interview re-aired

logoIf anyone who missed the Sunday edition of my interview on Art2Art on Swindon1055 and wants to give it another go it is being repeated on this Friday 4 Oct at 1400hrs BST and Sunday 6 Oct at 1500. Word of warning: it is in a compilation edition so I have no idea even roughly when it might be in the programme. So on the internet on this weekend.

Interview-The Truth!

Anyone who listened yesterday to Art2Art will have noticed the complete absence of anything to do with WOLF! or me. The reason for this devastating omission has now been revealed. Not a conspiracy, alien intervention or management decision to pull it. Once again cock up over conspiracy wins the day.

The more perspicacious amongst you will have noticed the odd reference in the ‘What’s on?’ section to things to do with the kids during the summer holidays. This should have alerted me to the truth. Someone loaded the wrong show onto the play system and sent out a two week old show.

Ah well. My apologies again if I wasted anybody’s time.