An Apple Falls to Earth

So the Irish have a 13billion Euro windfall thanks to the EU and the ‘creative’ imagination of Apple. But they don’t want it!

Apart from the obvious reaction: ‘Hand it over, I’ll look after it for you!’ a few thoughts occur to me.

The first one is ‘Well done the EU!’ At last someone has started trying to make the huge multi (or in fact –‘No’) nationality companies face up to their responsibilities.

The second is what the ****! (That’s heck! If you were wondering) is up with Ireland? Are they trying to live down to the old stereotypes of English ‘humour’?

‘Ah God love you, what would we do with all that money? We’d only spend it, and where would we put it in the meantime?’

But no, they are worried that if they are made to take the tax due to them the big nasty mean company will move away? Where to? Its ‘HQ’?

This HQ doesn’t have any employees, no address, virtually no responsibilities and no residence in any country where it can be liable to tax. Where the hell is it? Proxima B?

The company accuses the EU of rewriting history to make this judgement. Nearly as bad as rewriting geography and philosophy to base their HQ in a non-existent, imaginary land.

The problem is that Ireland charges a small rate of Corporation tax anyway but claims it cannot claim any tax for all the sales in Europe which look as if they go through Apple Ireland to the ‘HQ’ but in fact don’t – according to Apple, and Ireland. So Apple pays no Corporation tax in Europe except a nominal <1% in Ireland.

And they have the barefaced cheek to complain about the EU bullying them! Apple claims to be the biggest tax payer in the world. Well whoopee do! As everyone else in the multinational world is on the same fiddle, that’s hardly surprising. 10Euros is certainly more than 5Euros; it doesn’t mean that’s what you and Amazon really owe.

I particularly liked the bit where they claimed the EU was picking on US companies. But Apple HQ doesn’t have a residency in any country, so how come it is a US company? Best take it up with those Centaurians on Proxima B.