NAWG Shortlist Certificate


I did pretty much what I said I would do over the result of the NAWG 10 minute play competition and sulked for a week. Then I forgot about it until the certificate arrived through the post. Now a bitter old cynic might say that a certificate isn’t sales and it isn’t being published, but I suddenly felt myself feeling quite emotional about getting it. So thanks to the organisers and the judges and everyone else involved. My sulks have gone, and although it isn’t a sale or a contract it is very nice to have a bit of recognition in tangible form.


I had been hoping that DREAMING might see the light of day in the winner’s anthology from the 2013 NAWG Writer’s Competition for the 10 minute play category.

However I sort of promised myself it could have a wider audience at least for a time, whatever happened, so although it didn’t win you can see the shortlisted entry under the WRITING tab above. Hover on WRITING and then click on PLAY.

And the Winner is… not me

NAWG 2013 Writing Competition 10 Minute Play

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same
you’ll be able to smile through gritted teeth
when in the winner’s place you see another’s name

Oh well – congratulations Bob Bishop whoever you are. Actually if it is Bob Bishop the author of  ‘A Tickle Amongst the Cornstalks’ he isn’t really a whoever you are. Lots of scripts written and performed. Not sure if that make the smile more relaxed or tighter.

I didn’t make it to the NAWG Gala Dinner so at least I didn’t have to deploy my losing Oscar Night smile in person when I didn’t win the 10 Minute Play Prize.

Still, it was nice to be short listed.

But I am a rubbish loser and will probably sulk for days.

Hey ho!

National Association of Writers Groups Open Festival of Writing

Shortlisted for the Ten Minute Play Category, which is the only one I entered, so nice hit rate!
The awards are to be at the 2013 Warwick Writing Festival 30 August – 1 September. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I will be able to be there.
I’m really pleased to have been shortlisted. Obviously I hope I win but to have got this far feels really good. The play was worked up from a really short idea I had some years ago and whilst it is significantly different now it has encouraged me to read back through all those notebooks and half noted ideas. There’s gold in them thar scribbles!