The Milford Ultimatum

Sam Knight's New Book

Sam Knight’s New Book

I went to a book launch on Saturday. Well, it was the local launch. I believe the main launch was in London at the Army and Navy Club a couple of weeks ago. As I live near the author and got an invite for the local one I saved myself the train fare and hotel costs and attended that.

The book was Sam Knight’s MILFORD ULTIMATUM. It is about a British ex pat in Bahrain who develops a crush on a local girl with Saudi connections. He is working as a security advisor and things are obviously not about to run smoothly. Throw in a Palestinian connection and British, US and Israeli security interest and we have a witches brew of potential mayhem and intrigue.

Sam has a great background for this work. He worked in the gulf, not as a security advisor I hasten to add, but he knows the territory well and as a former journalist he knows how to write. His ability to build on his experience and extrapolate what ifs promises an intriguing and exciting journey through current tensions.

Available now on Amazon or direct through Carys Books, the Milford Ultimatum is well worth getting. Well written, carefully crafted, believable thriller stories with a human edge are not as common as you might think. Usually one or more of those essential ingredients are missing. Sam has left none out of the Milford Ultimatum and has baked an exceedingly good yarn. If you only buy one thriller this year, make it the Milford Ultimatum. If you want to know more click on the Carys Books logo below