I’m wondering what’s creative about writing.

I have thousands of things I want to say but doing it creatively is another matter at the moment.

Urgency seems to demand putting the raw thing down. Immediate, now without frills or fluff or camouflage.

Subtly making a point seems to require time for the anger, hurt, offence, pain, infuriation etc to be internalised, cocooned, dealt with and regurgitated when it doesn’t make me ache or foam at the mouth and yet what is lost in the process?

For one, doing something about it now.

What is it?

Injustice, falsehood, stupidity, aggression, wilful misreading, oppression, suppression, acceptance of fashionable idiocies. If the writing means something, should it be left to mature and develop until it can make a point without shouting, without screaming? Will it be too late to do something, to achieve anything when it is ready to see the light of the page?

News cycles are faster, acceptance of foolishness by default easier

Do you need to contradict every lazy assumption that leads to the defeat of thought, of reason?


If not; what?

Maybe just write.

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