Christmas Teaser

A while ago I was moved to bemusement, sarcasm and derision regarding the meaningless language used in an advertisement for a senior post in the Metropolitan Police. I thought it would be a one off, as once you’ve goggled at the imbecility of the unholy spawn of HR and advertising speak, is there anywhere else to go? In this case however it appears there is and I am happy to make an exception and return to the concept that perhaps job adverts should convey some idea of what the job is. It is perhaps a coincidence that it occurs in another part of the ‘Justice’ system recruitment process, or perhaps key stakeholder account personnel are particularly heavily infected in this area of advertising copy.

I am not now nor have I ever been a ‘Key Accounts Lead’

Having got that confession off my chest I will attempt to reclaim some legitimacy for my response to the job advert for the Law Society, reproduced below.

I speak English as my native tongue, I studied law, have an LL.B. and have worked with legal documentation at various times and have a moderate degree of intelligence. I should be able to work out what a job advert is saying. Shouldn’t I?

This however leaves me scratching my head, open mouthed. Frankly this is the sort of thing I write as a joke to point out the execrable silliness on marketing and management speak.

Anyone using the words ‘stakeholder engagement strategy’ without a large emoji to show they are taking the mick should be avoided like the plague. I give you the advert.

Prizes may be awarded for anyone who can tell me what it means.

‘The Role

The Law Society is the membership body for the legal profession. Our members are at the heart of what we do and we’re committed to providing ongoing support, training and events to assist them in their careers.

The Key Accounts Lead is a new role and will be responsible for leading a team to successfully develop and implement the stakeholder engagement strategy and plan for maximising engagement with and satisfaction of strategically key membership accounts.

The successful candidate will lead and develop cross-organisational stakeholder engagement with key membership accounts in collaboration with colleagues. This will include managing the relationships with strategically key accounts, and leading, influencing and working in partnership with them and senior colleagues to develop and enhance the Law Society’s member offer

What we’re looking for

Any successful applicant will need experience of working in a law firm, in-house or similar professional environment.

The candidate will need proven experience of improving client engagement and satisfaction across a broad and diverse membership to deliver increased member satisfaction.

This role is responsible for engaging with a large segmented professional audience within a complex governance membership organisation. The successful candidate must be able to foster and influence relationships at a senior level and demonstrate the ability to develop and deliver client focused solutions through multiple complex projects.

Comfort with a senior stakeholder audience as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to communicate at all levels within the legal profession will put candidates ahead in the selection process. This role comes with responsibility for managing a small team and developing cross team working, hence experience of such is essential.’

Well that can take the place of those Christmas Quizzes one gets on other sites. Remember its only a bit of fun and nobody except the senior stakeholder audience will be affected by the outcome.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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