Where does the time go?

After my thoughts on ASD last time, I meant to sit down and write a few short stories for this blog, maybe a couple of flash fiction or micro fiction pieces.

Started one and at the 4,000 word point I realised there was either a much bigger story in there or I needed to tighten up considerably.

The answer, as so often, may be both, or neither!

In any case none is ready for posting and this is not only due to prevarication and lassitude.

Things have been hectic on all sorts of levels, daughter preparing to go back to University for her third year; son being my son; me repairing cupboard doors (not connected to son); drilling out sheared bolts on daughter’s swivel chair, cutting new bolts and fixing legs; rescuing hedgehog from accidental pitfall trap (drain cover displaced) reviving from hypothermia- covered hot water bottle, feeding with cat food, releasing into garden when recovered; cutting back fuchsia trees to turn them back into bushes; attacking the briars at the bottom of the garden, which are so dense they are probably harbouring much more than hedgehogs!

There must be stories in there – former civil servant rescues hedgehog? Maybe not. Not like that anyway, but something. For the moment however they will have to do until I can sit down undistracted and put some creative effort into the raw material.

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