Escape from Castle Currys!

Well the saga went on for a bit longer.

Almost immediately after I wrote that piece about Currys I received an email saying the ‘Write Off’ had been authorised and I should receive a voucher via email within three to five days. (The power of blogging!)

That was Sunday.

The voucher arrived on Thursday just after sixteen hundred hours.

Except it was a ‘Gift Card’.

It had been bounced into my junk folder.

It was addressed in the body of the email

‘To: You’

The text began ‘Dear Valued Customer…’ and had a big bright button ‘View eGift Card’ which I was exhorted to click.

The ‘from’ email address remained a ‘no reply’ Currys address when checked but it looked as dodgy as….

So I rang customer services – to be fair they were super fast answering – 10 minutes, transferred me only once and they picked up in three minutes! I should have done the lottery.

Yes, that was how they send them out and that is why they say check your spam folder, as for some reason nameless posts from no reply addresses with click throughs to unverified  pages with active buttons make algorithms suspicious. Wonder why?

Having that reassurance I clicked through.


Tried to use it online – fine up until the bit where on page one it said ‘available for delivery’ immediately for free, only to find out that part of my order (and the cunning bit was they didn’t say which bit) was not after all deliverable.

I went back and the immediate free delivery that had been available was no longer there. I could wait until Tuesday or pay a fiver. I went for that and spent the next twenty minutes trying permutations to find what was and wasn’t included. I finally got a television bought and promised for delivery on Saturday using the voucher which left me with a little bit extra to buy a stand for it with some addition from me. Unfortunately, having identified that as a collect only item (despite the continued up front claim it was available for delivery) when I tried to use the remaining voucher balance I got several claims; ranging from, not available on this item, to we are unable to process vouchers at this time.

I waited until next day, Friday when all of a sudden it was plain sailing through the process, the voucher was processed and the collection site agreed.

No problem.

Well, except I needed to bring the email confirmation with me, park, press the button in the email, fill in an online form in the car saying which bay I was in and wait for the package to be brought to me. I had to bring my daughter with me to complete this part of the process as I do not have and refuse to get a Smart Phone. What I would have done without her and her technological parasite I do not know.

I thought we defeated the Soviet Union and this style of marketing?

Why do I refuse to have a Smart Phone?

Ridiculous cost, parasitic tech companies, poor security as standard, arcane attempts to improve security that negate half the convenience of the  basic idea of interconnectivity and misuse of something that is supposed to improve interactive experience but which in practice subordinates customer wishes to process requirements.

Deep breath Guy.

Just to balance things up, the delivery arrived on time as promised, the pick up went like clockwork and it is all set up and working (fingers crossed).

But one of the locking nuts broke as I assembled the stand (I had a spare so I did not have to go through the nause of persuading them to replace it.) and when I looked at the insurance cover available they no longer do the Repair and Support Plan which covered accidental damage. The replacement Care and Repair plan allows you one free clean (?) but specifically excludes any accidental damage.

I didn’t buy it.

The successor to the Sale of Goods Act says it should work. I don’t see the point of paying a company to avoid its legislative duty.


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