I wrote a short story last week with the intention of submitting it for publication in an online magazine. It was just over the word limit however, and as I edited it down I was struck by the realisation that there was a lot unsaid in it. It wasn’t that it needed to be longer per se, I had told the story but only from the point of view of one set of viewers of the action. I wanted to know what was going through the minds of the protagonists as well. This was too many points of view in around 1500 words. So I wondered what a whole series of views would look like.  Well three anyway. The main protagonist, the woman, her interlocutor, the man and the observers in the party.

The result is three short stories, each around 1500 words.

This isn’t going to work for a short story slot below 2,000 words of course but I like the result so I’m putting it/them on here. Just got to decide on the order in which to post them.

I’m going to sleep on it and then it will be one a day – maybe consecutive days, maybe every other day.

I know this concept is not original, the film Rashomon told the story of a murder based upon multiple versions by participants and witnesses and was itself based on a short story inspired by Ambrose Bierce’s Gothic tale of murder by three different tellers, including the deceased via a medium.

No-one dies in my story but I like the different viewpoints of the same event. All participants see exactly the same event but like most witnesses to sudden events recall them differently in detail. Their own perspectives and backgrounds alter their perceptions and truths.


Which one first?

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