Bits of real life from Christmas onwards, not all of them Coronavirus related,  have distracted me from mentioning these books which are definitely worth a look.

None of them are by me, though I (among others)have offered gratuitous advice to each of the authors! I hope they forgive me. The work is of course all their own and I just cheered from the sidelines!

‘Lucky Me!’ by Ray Edwards

‘Lucky Me!’ Is the story of Ray Edwards, retired aero engineer, RAF ground crew, and counsellor. This lively tale spills out from small beginnings of working on a farm in Caerphilly via service with the RAF in the snow bound fastness of Canada to work as a British Airways maintenance engineer and excitement in the equatorial heat of the Indian ocean and the fiesta atmosphere of Spain.

Along the way there is adventure on safari, rugby tales of the unexpected, and warm hearted yarns of Magor. Sustained by the love of his wife Rosemary, Ray survives the emotional rollercoaster of unexpected revelations about his family and his very origins.

Readers will experience the joy, the laughter and a little heartache of a life well lived and secrets revealed. A positive approach to life and overcoming the knocks life can deal you with fortitude and a smile in a feelgood story to lift up the spirits in dark times.

Available from Carys Books

I enjoyed this book very much, but have to confess a (small) commercial interest in that I helped a little with the proof reading. But don’t let that put you off buying a copy!


Next – two books from Peter Dimery.

There are hard copies about I think but I am linking to Amazon Kindle copies here because there may be delays at present to hard copy deliveries.

Peter is a very engaging fellow who has many strings to his bow and a wealth of tales to tell.

Some are superb vignettes of village life in Pembrokeshire evoking feelings of the Miss Read books of village life, revealing much of human nature in the microcosm of community life. Others flood out on a wider, grander world stage.

Pembrokeshire Tales

Digs into the world of Welsh village life versus the outside world, Welsh rugby support and some tales outside the bubble of Wales. An excellent read well worth a read, whether in lockdown or not!

Available on Kindle

His other book out now is:

Oman and the Wiltshire Fete

This heartwarming tale of a man and a community in Wiltshire who made a difference for victims of war in a faraway land during the cold war. This mixes personal journeys of love and fulfilment with Cold War threats and the spin offs of the proxy conflicts that war provoked across the Middle East. An unusual format but it tells a little known tale worth the telling and the reading.

Available on Kindle


On His First Leave by Sue Hatt


Sue’s memoir of her father’s WWII experience, capture in France in 1940, incarceration in German POW camps and his finacée’s wait for him and the development of her career as a nurse in the meantime is a fascinating read.

Written from the memories of her parents and the letters her father sent home to her mother this is a revealing and moving account of one of the lesser considered facets of warfare. In military accounts the captured are ‘off the board’ as it were and home front accounts are of stoicism and Blitz spirit. This story tells us a lot more about the reality of what happened after the other accounts stop and how flesh and blood people dealt with putting their lives expectations and hopes on hold for five years. A tale of genuine heroism, fortitude and love.

Available from many booksellers, but here is Waterstones link


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