Follow Up To World Book Day.

Feels kind of odd that hardly anyone wanted to read the ‘World Book Day’ post. I thought a blog on writing should have a look at an event and a charity that is supposedly about raising literacy and an awareness of books and reading. I guess it wasn’t unpopular because it was too controversial or unpleasant to a charity. It would have to be read to offend people. Wouldn’t it?

Anyway I feel honoured that I share however tenuously, a platform with Brian Moore, former England hooker and all round good egg. I can’t say I agree with everything he says, but I can’t remember getting outraged about anything I’ve heard or read of his so far. Even rugby, where for a former England International, he has turned into a very fair and unbiased commentator. Why that should prove surprising is itself odd, but so many former players retain a certain Cyclops like gaze when it comes to their former team.

He posted a tweet which said much the same thing as I wrote about World Book Day and its transition into a fancy dress party, but very succinctly.

So in short: shouldn’t this day be about reading rather than running round in daft costumes?

Anyhow – Pt 3 of Set the World on Fire later today.

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