Some years ago I wrote a piece about conversations in government circles regarding an imaginary viral outbreak elsewhere in the world and the possible concerns about the spread to this country. It was loosely based on the then media panic about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Of course that outbreak was contained.

I posted the story, called Virus, here in August 2014.

Current media talk about Coronavirus, or actually Sars-CoV-2, made me think about revisiting the idea. (If you are thinking the new official name is Covid-19, that’s the disease caused by the virus Sars-CoV-2. Aren’t naming conventions fun?).

Having looked at it, I think it will stand as is. The figures were alarmist for Ebola and can’t be read across (this is creative writing folks not an executive brief for a Health Minister) for Covid-19 in any way (so far!).

I won’t post the story here in its entirety again, but you can see it in Writing/Short Fiction by following the tabs  and scrolling down or clicking here to read the original Blog Post.

Happy reading  – and remember ‘don’t have nightmares!

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