Just got back from the train station having dropped my daughter off to return to University. She’s been home for reading week and while I will miss her (for another couple of weeks anyway – apparently she has to return to have her hair cut by the only person in the country who can do it) it should give me the opportunity to concentrate a little more on writing.

Having gone through the teen years in the usual blur of ‘bye Dad’ in the mornings to ‘what’s for dinner?’ in the evenings, and very little other conversation save imprecations for lifts around the country, she now bombards me with an almost minute by minute dialogue concerning her course, her new found obsession with weight training and the state of the nation/world/universe. All of which is great and I much prefer information overload to the strong silent approach of her age c.16, however it does soak up my brain which needs time to get into the right seam of thought for putting words down on screen.

So with any luck the next few weeks should allow me to work at finishing (I have decided on a wildly optimistic approach!) a couple of novellas and  short stories and maybe progress that novel I mentioned I had several starts, middles and ends for, but not in any sort of joined up way. You will notice my optimism is still tempered with some realism – ‘work at finishing’, not actually ‘finish’, although that is the plan with one of the novellas at least, but don’t say it out loud.

Apart from my longstanding worry about finishing things my son’s continuing presence at home is an issue in terms of concentration. He is a lovely lad, but he is currently not at school (he hasn’t been suspended or anything) and although we have had a tutor coming in, that is not going as smoothly as I would have liked and soaks up a lot of my time as well.

Right – excuses lined up neatly in advance, I shall go and write something ‘creative’; fingers crossed!

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