Happy New Year and all that (belated).

Resolutions. Don’t do them. Especially New Year ones. They don’t mean anything and don’t achieve anything except perhaps guilt, remorse and a sense of failure when you break them. Or, perhaps even worse, a sense of smug satisfaction and unwarranted self belief when you achieve them because they were such weak, small spirited little things in the first place.

Of course that’s just my opinion, probably because I can’t stick to resolutions, and those who do use this bit of psychological trickery successfully would no doubt ague otherwise.

Whatever the wider arguments about self trickery/positive thinking, I am not going to resolve, promise or threaten myself with self flagellatory damnation in the breach, to write this blog more frequently. I want to write more in it of course, and back in the summer I felt on pretty much of a roll with contributing to the blog and had plans including restarting Pendragon, to make it more central to my writing life. Since then things took a turn which didn’t necessarily preclude further postings, but in the event just got in the way of my time available and induced a mental attitude not conducive to writing much at all, let alone this blog.

I’m not going to go through all the things that happened, but they have meant most of my mental and emotional energies have been focused elsewhere. Some were one off events and although the resonances go on, they are less immediate, the ongoing things have methods in place to cope with them now and I am determined to cut out some space to reengage with this blog and writing in general.

So not a resolution, because imagine returning in June having written nothing else – embarrassing! But a definite determination, well a wish, okay a faint hope, that I will do more, creatively, administratively and in marketing terms, about my writing.

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