It’s alive!

Well the national grid didn’t go down and despite waking up feeling slightly confused for a few minutes as the room had changed (well of course it had , I was in recovery) everything seems to have gone as well as (possibly better than) expected.

Heart back in sinus rhythm, blood pressure good, walking easy, no breathlessness.

Regrettably there is a good (should that be bad?) chance that it will go back into arrhythmia within a year according to the stats. But not everyone does, so fingers crossed.

The side effects warned about in the very thorough, and slightly scary, briefing about what could go wrong seem to have missed me. Main one – no stroke with blood clots from the swirling blood in the atrium being ejected into the blood stream and clogging bits of the blood supply. Also avoided burns from the pad connections and even skin irritation.

I don’t seem to have undergone any major personality changes either. Not that that was a possibility on the warning sheet, but I wondered if I could use it as an excuse to be suddenly aggressively decisive and ruthless and do exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. Still thinking of faking this, but I think I missed my window when I deferred to my children wanting to go to McDonalds drive thru on the way back from hospital. I wasn’t driving of course but I just for a second wondered whether I should have demanded to be taken home at once. Frankly I was still too groggy to care.

We’ll see about getting some more Westley Writers out soon then.



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