I was looking back at the blog and my deep mysterious files of finished and in progress stories on various flash drives the other day, and I came across the Welsh mystic/magical detective who was a derivative of a Caldicot Writers day out to Cardiff Bay. An innocent observation over tea and a bun in the Norwegian Church led me to speculate about what a meeting in the Bay area might be about.

The idea quickly grew into the concept of a deniable underground semi official group fighting a mystical attack on Wales in particular and the old land of Britannia in general.

And so was born: Pendragon.

I did several things wrong:

Using it as a Dickensian challenge to write a weekly serial, which was very hard work to stick to, with everything else going on, and

Getting bogged down in worrying about the rampant internet underworld rubbish connoting the Illuminati with a World Zionist Conspiracy.

I was so appalled at the thought that my story might be seen as either being a part of this tosh or in some way nodding towards its existence that I froze and stopped the story.

Looking back on it after a considerable hiatus several things struck me about this decision and the story itself.

First: who gives a stuff what anti-Semitic idiots think? The Illuminati was nothing to do with Jews or Zionism and stuff the idiots who think it was/is.

Second: why should I be constrained by a concern that I would be misunderstood as perhaps being a part of these wannabe Nazis when I know I am not, and would, under my familial circumstances, be barking mad to be?

Third: I had not read any of the Rivers of London books by Ben Aaronovitch or the Laundry Files series by Charles Stross then, but now I have I am both amazed and concerned at the similarities (in ideas, not quality of execution) between their concepts and mine.

The result of my rediscovery of the story and the subsequent musing and thoughts about the similarities with other series made me reevaluate my decision to abandon Pendragon. The idea amuses me and intrigues me, and now I know others have done similar things I feel more inclined to revisit and rework the concept.

The fact others had similar ideas is a poor reason not to continue. My idea was entirely separately conceived and the style, details and overall concept are sufficiently different as to be immediately distinguishable. Besides, my work is unlikely to be confused in any shape or form with writers of their stature.

So I will be revisiting the idea of Pendragon, but I will not be making any unkeepable promises about writing an instalment every week, although I hope to publish some of the results on the blog.

It won’t be immediate as I am working on several other things at the moment but as and when I can rejig Pendragon, and hopefully take it further, I will make it available here.


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