Reading, Mountains and Music

I had a great time this morning talking to Gill Garrett on her NHSound Writers on the Radio slot. Mainly because I had loads of time to talk about my favourite topic – me!

Sam Knight, I was aware, couldn’t make it but I had expected Aine Morrris to be on as well and frankly take the lions share of attention – who doesn’t like listening to clever people talking about food and food writing. I know I do, nearly as much as eating the stuff! However she was unable to make the morning slot so I was able to monopolise most of the guest time.

As it was, with talking about writing and my background and local writers groups and Carys books I probably only read a little more than I wold have read had I been corralled into my original time.

Gill dealt with all the vicissitudes of fate like a true professional and managed to keep me mostly on topic without having to hit me with anything harder than a friendly smile a deftly delivered cue to start reading.

I had a relaxing time looking out of the studio window at the Blorenge mountain while listening to a playlist that was remarkably close to my favourite listening from the past: with Fairport Convention and Leonard Cohen particular favourites.

A big thank you to Gill for inviting me, and to her, the station manager and the team for making me so welcome.

I am available for a repeat anytime you have a free morning!

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