NHS Sound Abergavenny 13 September 2018

I should have mentioned this earlier but I have been up and down about whether I could make this and forgot to write it up when I confirmed the date. I have been looking forward to reading some of my material on NHS Sound Abergavenny on Thursday 13 September on the Writers on the Radio slot from 1000-1200hrs GMT.

If you aren’t in the area it is available online at NHS Sound Abergavenny and I will be reading extracts from ‘Wolf!’, ‘Strange People’ one of my short stories based on my childhood experiences of having an ASD in the neurotypical world of the early 1960s and possibly some other works, maybe even a poem or two depending on time.

Gill Garrett, whose programme it is will be talking to me and no doubt making me sound much more interesting than I am. If you get bored with that then there will also be Aine Morris the CEO of the Abergavenny Food Festival on talking about the Festival and food writing.

Sam Knight of Carys books was due to be on as well but he has had to withdraw for personal reasons – so you’ll be getting more of me – bad luck – we all wish Sam well and with luck he will be on the programme soon.

Apologies for the short notice – hope you can listen to some of it.

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