Daughter’s Success!

Another of those moments.

My daughter turned 18 earlier this year, which was nice, but is one of those things that you achieve simply by surviving.

More interesting is that last week she got into her first choice, Russell Group, university to study Philosophy Religion and Ethics.

I am immensely proud of her, and incredibly pleased, and also a little sad.

It is what she wanted and I support her wholeheartedly but it is the portent of the severing of a tie. She is off to be an adult, and despite a plan to return in three years and live here during her teacher training year I know this is the beginning of her separate life. That is obviously something to be desired, something we have worked towards and something we are proud she is keen to achieve. And yet…

I have enjoyed the last 18 years so much I’d quite like to do it all again!

I’m going to miss her.

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