What happened?

Train wreck

Photo via VisualHunt

Well September was going well wasn’t it? And then October arrived and I must have offended that particular month.

It wasn’t too bad to start with really, except I was distracted from writing for the site. An idea got lobbed to me by one of the writers in the group I attend and I had a story in one go. It pretty much wrote itself in very short order. I have just finished a fifth rewrite. I hate rewrites. The trouble is that as it sits at present it is just over 8,000 words long which is almost completely unsellable. Too long for short story outlets and not long enough for a stand alone novelette/novella. It might do as an idea for a longer piece, although I like the pace and don’t think the basic idea will carry much more superstructure. On the other hand I am not sure I can chop sufficient out to hit a modern short story length without making it totally incomprehensible.

But that only took a short part of the month at the beginning and a couple of days recently.

So what else happened?

Well I had a lovely week in Northern Ireland with family for a wedding. Although I had a laptop with me, I didn’t write anything. Lots of ideas from the visit and I am making notes like mad while I remember the ideas, but nothing in a finished state for here.

On a less positive note I was in the gym, on a static bicycle, not doing anything particularly excessive and right at the end of my half hour, before I had chance to get near any weights, I felt my heart go blip into Atrial Fibrilation again.

A couple of days in hospital getting it down below 100 beats per minute and five days in total before it flipped back into normal rhythm. At the moment I am waiting a call for electro-cardioversion (which I no longer need but I will have to have the ecg trace to prove it). That teed me off a little as you may imagine, so what with going off at tangents and wondering if my heart was going to gallop off into the sunset (c170 beats per minute for no good reason at one stage) I have neglected this site. Sorry!

With any luck, now I have got my Mayan story out of the way and my heart isn’t racing around my chest cavity I can get back to Pendragon and the rest.

Fingers crossed!


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