Going Green (and wet)

I thought it would be a good idea to be a bit ‘green’ and not have a second car (and cheaper! – tax, insurance, MOT, maintenance, petrol etc). My wife uses the car the most and is named as main driver for that reason :^). It works pretty well most of the time but today is one of those times when the incompatibilities of public transport and living in a large village/small town become apparent.

My wife is working a shift in Cardiff today and therefore has the car. We booked a routine family dental appointment six months ago for this afternoon, after school. But our NHS dentist is about six miles away in a neighbouring town. My wife couldn’t switch shifts so we decided rather than mess about with moving lots of appointments about we’d keep the ones for me and the two kids. But of course my daughter goes to the only Welsh medium secondary school in the area which is not actually in the area but a 50 minute bus ride away and there was no way I could use public transport together back from school realistically in time for the appointment. So we decided to take her out of school and use the opportunity to get her a routine medical check up she needs at our doctors in another neighbouring village, three miles away this morning.

We have just had the check up and they want a follow up discussion with a doctor today, routine, no worries. But that is in the neighbouring town where we are for the dental appointments. Convenient no?

As it turns out not really. We have also made an unrelated appointment for her in the village at 1200hrs (lets not waste time off school – get it all in on one day!) So shortly we will walk into the village, half an hour later walk up to my son’s school – only a mile away, pick him up, walk home, dump his school stuff and then walk off back into the village to catch the bus. That leaves us an hour to kill before the dentists. Then we walk across the medical centre site to the doctor’s (told you it sounded convenient) and have the formal results of the tests (fingers crossed). Then we have an hour and a half to wait for the next bus – which isn’t run by the same company as the bus in, so I have no idea how a return ticket works there, and then we have to walk home from the centre of the village. So from half past eleven until half past six (ish) we are going to be wandering around Monmouthshire for a grand total of about one hour’s worth of appointments. And it has just started pouring with rain. Well it is Wales.

Writing? I remember that.

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