New Year Merriment

I seem to remember writing something traditionally Scrooge like about New Year last time around, and to be honest I can’t say I have mellowed.

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of celebrating per se but it all seems kind of arbitrary that we HAVE to celebrate a day of no particular significance to anyone. And as for round ups of progress, success and failure, again why ten days after the winter solstice? Quite bizarre.

So having said all that what has happened? :^)

No further AF so far I am pleased to say.

Writing is ongoing, but horrible dawnings of mortality are upon me. Even if I could write 12 hours a day for the rest of what one could reasonably assume was my projected lifespan, that would still mean I wouldn’t be able to do everything I want. So all of a sudden prioritisation, something I am, as anyone who knows me will be very happy to tell you, extremely bad at, becomes, well, a priority.

Having said that things are sort of moving forward. Material accumulates, ideas haven’t dried up and some stuff is still managing to see the light of day despite predictions (mine included) of the end of civilisation, publishing and life as we know it.

I wouldn’t say the short stories and poems in The Tall and the Short are the best things I have ever written, but they are published whilst frustratingly the best stuff isn’t (I am willing to consider this may be a flaw in my judgement about what is the best – but I utterly reject it having considered it!).

There is material out there under consideration (but I am not holding my breath) and other stuff reaching a stage where it can be cast upon the waters, and no doubt dragged out again a few times, waterlogged but vibrant, to repeat the process.

So, onward, and all that. In the meantime despite my doubts about the relevance of the season, best wishes to you all and I hope all your projects, cultural, personal or just plain weird meet with unparalleled success and fulfilment (unless you plan world domination etc – in which case can I hope you have fun but fail?)

Happy New Year!

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