Ups and Downs

The Tall and the Short
Yesterday’s launch for ‘The Tall and the Short’ went really well. The readers, Terry Victor and Eryl Sheers, were, as one would expect of professionals, excellent, the material took on a new roseate glow with such accomplished performers reading it, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I confess to being surprised at the turnout, we had to send out for more seats which was a surprise for us all I think, especially as it was a teetotal bash (sober book launches, whatever next!)

Books were sold and autographed in addition to the usual distribution of complementary copies, in fact at one stage there was a concern we may run out of the copies we had brought along for sale, but it turned out not to be quite that good a day!

So that was the ‘Up’ side of things and a very nice up too.

The down side was a very polite and gentle email saying thanks but no thanks on a short story I had been trying to sell. It is about a child on the autistic spectrum, high functioning but bemused, and his coming to terms with the strange world of adults and neurotypicals. Maybe this theme has been overexposed of late, but I haven’t come across too much of it and as it has a personal resonance I am disinclined to shrug my shoulders and walk away from it. More hawking of the wares required I feel. I confess that it feels like the best short story I have written, but I probably feel like that about everything I have just written. This isn’t brand new however and reading it again some months after finishing it I am still happy with it. So, anyone want to buy a short story, only 3,977 words?

The Tall and the Short is available from Carys Books HERE

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