I keep getting ideas – I think they are good ideas – popping into my head a lot at the moment. The problem is I am not carrying a notebook or recorder around with me and this means that I am not making a note of them at the time. With the best will in the world, when you have 4 or 5 of these moments in a day, by the time you get to a place with pen and paper they are no longer fresh in the mind, or even in there at all. I have these niggling feelings that there are things in there wanting to get out but I am no longer able to recall them.

Then when I sit down to write, I find it hard to concentrate on themes I am already working on because I have this massive backlog of mental markers clammering for attention. Whether they merit attention or not is impossible to tell, because I have the markers but not the attached ideas any more. I am going to have to carry a notebook and make notes as these ideas float into my head. Even if they are all rubbish, at least it will remove those mental pegs saying ‘something to remember here’ from my synapses and prevent (I hope) this sense of frustration and irritation from blocking/slowing my writing.

This isn’t the first time it has happened and carrying a notebook or a voice recorder was the answer. Not all the ideas were worth following by any means but there were several that were and it did clear my brain. Of course it shouldn’t be an excuse to scribble all day and think that is ‘writing’. A bit like blogging I suppose.

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