New Year?

I don’t make New Year resolutions. The whole event seems arbitrary and faintly absurd in any case. New Year world wide at January first is a relatively new idea. Especially in Britain, and in America come to that. After several dates the British/English settled on 25 March as the beginning of the New Year, a tradition which continued until the middle of the eighteenth century in legal terms. There were some customary alternatives, including January but the current fol de rol is newer even than 1752. I am very aware of this as a historian because dates in English records are confusing for the unwary. In unadjusted original records the period between Jan1-March 25 is the same year as the preceding March26- Dec3. Law also taught me this pitfall when looking up dates for earlier statutes (and don’t even start me on Regnal Years!). Orthodox Christians have other dates for New Year, and that is before we move on to other traditions such as Judaism Islam, and many others, China anyone?
So I see no reason to imbew the purely abstract date of January 1 with any specific mystical property to signify change or renewal.
Certainly not in my personal habits.
I am sure there are many things that would benefit from change in my life but I am equally certain that making some sort of promise on an arbitrarily chosen calendar date is not going to make my adherence to those changes any more likely.
I know I want to write for this blog more frequently. But making a resolution to do that would be farcical. I only really want to add to it when I have something to say and making a resolution to have something to say more often is like promising to be a genius. I may make the promise but logic suggests I may be unable to deliver. At least to order.
So I will hope to be more creative, more successful and more assiduous in pursuing those goals.
But resolutions?
Happy New Year folks!


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