Interview aired

logoOdd hearing your own voice like that. I listened to my interview broadcast on Art2Art this afternoon. Thanks to Kim and everyone at the station.

My daughter was sure it wasn’t me. I’m still not sure why. Although it was a little odd, it sounded more like me to me than the old analogue recordings my father made of me did when I was a child. I suppose I am just that little bit more used to hearing myself than I was then and perhaps modern digital recording equipment helps. I think my daughter’s confusion mainly arose because she listened to what I was saying for once. Something of a rarity in the flesh. Maybe I should pre-record all my conversations with her.

I’m not sure how many people caught the piece. I did have some immediate feedback with people ringing to say they had heard it and they seemed to like it. But you are left with a kind of feeling of…’and?’ As if things should somehow happen just because your voice has been on another medium. I haven’t had that feeling with newspaper interviews, I suspect because I never know when those are being published until some kind soul tells me they’ve read the relevant article. By which time the whole thing has long gone.


For those who missed it, there is a repeat on Sunday at 3pm on

I may listen again myself. Turning into a media tart already!

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