Swindon 1055 Radio Interview Friday 30 August

There are ways to prepare for interviews. Wrestling with Tuesday evening traffic and the one way system in Bristol isn’t one of the recommended ones. We fought an honourable draw with me eventually finding a parking space within a couple of minutes walk of my destination, the Old Vic Theatre.

Fortunately I wasn’t there for an audition. I had an interview with Kim Wright for Swindon 1055 radio. Kim presents Art2Art on the station and wanted an interview about my motivation for WOLF! and my writing in general.

This was a first for me, I’ve done print interviews before but never radio, so I didn’t have many preconceptions. I think I had expected a list of questions before hand but Kim likes to keep it spontaneous so I went in with an open (blank?) mind. (I didn’t feel I had yet reached the Jeffrey Archer stage of handing him a list with a casual ‘These are the questions.’)

It felt relaxed despite not being entirely sure where we might go with it and I enjoyed the experience. Whether that is a good thing or not, I am not sure. I’ll find out how it plays after the edit when I hear the broadcast myself . I’m not in the area that receives the show but it is broadcast live on the web at swindon1055.com on Friday at 2pm and repeated on Sunday at 3pm.

So if you want to put a voice to the face and the words, now’s your chance.

swindon1055.com on Friday at 2pm and repeated on Sunday at 3pm.

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